School Hours

8 am to 3:10 pm

Graduation Requirements

Board policy requires 45 credits for graduation. The principal may make exceptions for transfer students or students assigned to the resource center.

Academic Pathways

Saint Albert's academic pathways align recommended programs of study with individual families' visions of success. While the pathways provide recommended courses of study, no student is obligated, or excluded, from following a specific pathway. In most cases, students will choose a pathway based upon their goals, then confer with the counselor, teachers, or college representatives to adjust their course selections to fit individual abilities and interests.

  • The SCHOLAR PATHWAY provides rigorous preparation for capable, motivated students who are seeking admission to highly selective universities. The Scholar Pathway incorporates advanced, honors, advanced placement, and college credit courses in language arts, math, science, and foreign language to prepare students for competitive university admission.

  • The REGENTS PATHWAY provides challenging preparation for admission to Regents' universities and other selective colleges. The Regents Pathway incorporates advanced, honors, advanced placement, and college credit courses in students' areas of high ability and interest.

  • The COLLEGIATE PATHWAY provides thorough preparation for admission and student success in regional universities and colleges. Collegiate pathway students are encouraged to fulfill four years of math, science, English/language arts, and at least two years of foreign language while fulfilling all other Saint Albert graduation requirements.

  • The CAREER PATHWAY at Saint Albert High School utilizes ambitious graduation requirements, small class sizes, and daily accountability to prepare students for success in college, community college, military service, trade school, or career.

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High Ability Learner

As part of the Saint Albert mission to foster the spiritual, moral, physical, and intellectual growth of all students, the High Ability Learner Program is designed to nurture the gifts of students who show high levels of performance and potential.

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Honor Graduates

A student who earns a 3.5 or higher cumulative grade point average for grades 9-12 will be recognized at commencement as an honor graduate.

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